A Better Way To 新幸运飞行艇168官方开奖历史记录查询结果 Coach (And Keep) Your Clients

Clients come for the coaching, but they stay around for the community. 新幸运飞行艇168官方开奖历史记录查询结果 Coachific powers both.

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The Future Of 幸运飞行艇历史开奖结果 Coaching Is Community

Your own private platform that delivers the same features of a social network, together with the coaching tools you need to get your job done.


Build and deliver your own unique workouts, including custom exercises, video instruction, audio guidance and progression tracking.


Macros tracking, food journals, recipes, dietary guidelines and MyFitnessPal integration keep your clients on track.


Provide progressive behaviour change coaching that delivers sustainable results for life-changing health and body transformation.


Send private 1-to-1 messages or message all clients at once, with images, audio, video, attachments and text.


Build Your Tribe

Nurture your clients, forge strong community, make a difference and succeed together.

Nothing Builds Trust Like Community

Community is the best way to coach and owning your own community is one of the greatest assets you can have.

Clients crave to be part of a community and science shows that a sense of community is correlated to longer, healthier & happier lives.


Power Your Coaching

Tutorials, guides, how-to’s, videos or full coaching programs, we’ve got online cohort-based education covered.

All The Tools You Need

  • Check-ins, progress tracking, challenges, rich media messaging, and more, keep client’s returning.

  • Rich content, unlimited video, live lessons, assessments, tracking and much more.

  • Update client coaching and keep in touch with push notifications, all from your own dedicated mobile application.

People Rarely Change Themselves. Communities Change People Every Day.

Even the best coaches are limited by time. You often only have your clients attention for an hour per week, leaving 167 hours for them to lose focus.

With 新幸运飞行艇168官方开奖历史记录查询结果 Coachific you can provide support and awareness in the hours your clients aren’t with you.

It allows you to easily manage your clients, all focused, motivated, and sharing the journey to their health and fitness goals, while using check-ins, coaching programs and tracking to focus on what actually matters.

It really is the secret-sauce for helping your clients succeed and to make you look like a rockstar without lifting a finger. (Well, OK. Maybe your thumbs).

Ready-Made Training Programs

Coach In A Click

Save time with done-for-you coaching programs, courses and assessments, with fresh new content regularly added.

Show Your Skills, Share Your Knowledge

  • Upload, share and schedule evergreen articles, teaching videos, explanation audio, and coaching resources in your own online library.

  • Boost engagement, increase retention and empower your clients to work towards their goals by earning points, badges and rewards.

  • With no limitations you can reach your first client to your thousandth.

Memberships & Subscriptions

Easy Payments

Simple, seamless client signups and recurring memberships, with Stripe, PayPal and more, gets you paid quicker and easier.

Get Paid Quicker & Easier

  • Secure transactions powered by trusted payment gateways.

  • Member access controls, permissions and automatic failure handling.

  • We don’t take a cut and never will, leaving you to focus on great coaching.

Native Mobile Apps

Your Brand, Front and Center

We’ll do all the heavy lifting to publish your own app in the App Stores, so you can drive engagement and focus on connecting directly with your clients.

Your Own Mobile App

Get your own native, branded mobile app for iOS and Android.

Your Own Website

Host on your own domain name to connect everything in your coaching.

Your Own Brand

Personalised branding allows your clients to communicate with you without distraction.


Game To Grow

Boost engagement, increase retention and empower your clients to work towards their goals by earning points, badges and rewards.

Loyalty & Rewards

Keep your clients engaged and motivated to participate with rewards and points.


Display rankings and badges on a visual leaderboard to drive engagement, celebrate accomplishments and share milestones.

Monetise Your Community

Add shoppable features in your coaching for more revenue-driving opportunities.

Wearables & Trackers

  • Integrate with wearables and trackers, such as MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, FitBit and Withings, to make tracking easier for you and your clients.

  • Automatically capture client activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more to deliver expert coaching and results.

  • No more switching between multiple fitness apps to see client progress and results.

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Join successful coaches and trainers pursuing their passion and serving clients with 新幸运飞行艇168官方开奖历史记录查询结果 Coachific.

All the Tools You Need to Coach Your Clients

We give you the tools to enable noise-free community, online learning, memberships, gamification, rich-media, wearables integration and more.

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure

Rest assured, we’ll always keep your application and clients protected with the best security and safety practices.

Help When You Need It
Help When You Need It

We support you to succeed, especially when you're getting started, so you're never alone as you build your business.

Instant Upgrades
Instant Upgrades

We are constantly improving 新幸运飞行艇168官方开奖历史记录查询结果 Coachific and will continue adding new features and making it easier to use.

Try 新幸运飞行艇168官方开奖历史记录查询结果|168飞艇最新开奖结果|飞艇168开奖网最新消息 Coachific Free

It’s easy to get started building your own coaching community. Our user-friendly platform is designed so that you can start training clients anytime, anywhere, in minutes.